Stand in your Power

Mar. 2, 2018

Some may feel that they will be "happy" when that special someone comes into their life or when they have the perfect job, the amazing house, that expensive car or exquisite piece of jewelry.  It becomes a desperate search for completeness...wholeness.  Material things are superficial.  None of that can create happiness.   When the novelty wears off, disappointment, for the most part, is what sets in and then the search continues to refill your cup with "happiness".  All of this is unnecessary anguish. I can tell you that happiness is right inside you.  Look in the mirror and appreciate the reflection. It is time for you to realize how incredible you are by just being YOU.  


Happiness is not something you can buy or receive from someone.  It is something that comes directly from within.  When you hold that happiness inside, you illuminate that light to the rest of the world.  Life becomes less stressful because there is no desire to search for material things or to rely on someone else to make you happy.   Only you can do that.  And it is only when you begin to recognize your own beauty and begin to love yourself, that it can happen.    When this shift occurs your heart will be full of joy.  A sense of freedom will wash over is surrendering and allowing life to flow. The need to hold on to a certain outcomes will no longer matter. You can only be responsible for one Soul and that is YOU.           


We often try to find that special person to fill a void in our life.  But by doing so, we may create them to be something that they are not.  Ultimately, they cannot live up to who we want them to be. Placing expectations on someone can only lead to heartbreak. When you allow your happiness to flow through your veins with ease and acceptance, clarity comes.  Because you are no longer looking for that perfect person or perfect life to fill the void.  Acceptance of one's self is far greater than any love you will search for.


When you live your life being comfortable within yourself, peace cannot be shaken.  There is nothing wrong with being perfectly imperfect.  It is having the ability to love all of you, with flaws, that will send you to a whole other level of complete happiness.  Who doesn't want that feeling of wholeness?  Find joy in being you. Bring completeness into your life by being gentle with yourself.


At the same token, you cannot be expected to make anyone else happy.  No matter how much you matter how many presents you buy... no matter how much you shower them with love...If they don't feel love and happiness inside them, they could never accept what you offer them.  They are not in a place of worthiness.  There is no magic pill or big enough band aide to heal them.  That is their work.  There are no failures.  Look at them with love and compassion.  Understand that it is not your responsibility to create their world. Concentrate on holding your own cup of happiness...and by doing so, you may just ignite a flame within them to start doing the same.  


When there is an equal balance, you bring joy into each other's life.  Material things will become a bonus not a necessity.  Life's craziness will seem minor.  And your happiness will  overflow.

Keep Smilin'!


Written for and published by LI ACES MAGAZINE 








Feb. 28, 2018

How many times have you just sat in your own pain? Feeling empty inside...with no energy and no drive because the pain is so deep down inside you that you can not seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A wave of hopelessness covers your body and your Soul is drowning in the darkness. How many times have you said "enough"? When do you finally recognize the pain and answer to it? When do you allow yourself the permission to feel the pain and cry? No one can help you but you. It is time to pick yourself up and rise to what is being given to you.

No one wants to be unhappy. Many of us get so caught up in the story, that we do not see the reality of what is indeed in front of us. It is easier at times to pretend that we are is good. We hear the whispers in our mind saying, "don't rock the boat...just accept being stuck in this place of discontent... maybe in time it will pass." Or, maybe you feel you need to be what everyone expects you to be. People seem to love you and yet you can't love you. And why? Because you have accepted to be everything that you are not. You have relinquished your authenticity. So much so that you have forgotten who you really are. You have gotten so wrapped up in the story that you have forgotten that you are the main character. You are allowing others to rewrite your script. I say, it is time for you to step into your inner power. Look in the mirror and start to wake yourself up. There is no time to be anyone else, but you.

It is easy to have faith and speak spiritual and loving when life is great. But where is all that when the pain comes into your heart so deeply that you can not breathe? That's when you need to dig deep into your faith...and trust. It is putting to the test what you preach. It's God saying, "you live in faith when I bring you pleasures...but are you truly in faith? Even when there are times of despair, do you trust me?". It may seem rather harsh...but how else will our Soul grow if we don't experience the true meaning of life? It is not always rainbows and unicorns. Keep in mind that He is not trying to hurt you but rather help you see that even in the darkness His light is there to guide you. However, you need to be willing to rise up and trust.

Faith and trust... two of the most powerful words you will hear. When life gives you joy, hold on to that feeling. You have it inside you... remember who you are. Allow yourself to feel the pain that you may be in because you are meant to learn and grow from it. Keep in mind that we have free will. You have the power to change your story, no one else has the right to edit but you. If you want things to change, then YOU change the script. Embrace your power!

 Written for and published by LI ACES MAGAZINE 


Feb. 28, 2018

It is so important to honor yourself... Give your body, mind and Soul a chance to rest. You need to take the opportunity to give yourself time to just BE. Clearing your thoughts and focusing on your needs are gifts to yourself. Try to close off the world around you and love yourself enough to rejuvenate your Soul. Life as you know it will be completely different. You will have a new sense of appreciation for everyone around you and everyday situations won't feel so overwhelming. So rest... life will be there waiting for you. It is certainly not going anywhere.

Namaste ~ BCB



Jan. 25, 2017

It is a NEW year! A fresh 365 days ahead for you to be creative, to love more, to let go of all things that no longer serve you and build a new beginning. Possibilities are endless and the choices are all yours. Close your eyes ~ take a deep breath ~ visualize all the opportunities that wait in front of you.

The “New Year's resolution” is always a positive way to kick off the year. The start of every year we are so zealous and then eventually we fizzle out. Let 2017 be different than years past. Be excited for awaits you. Know that the changes you make will not only affect your own life but will be a positive reflection to those around you. Be more conscious of the everyday life. Enjoy every single moment because there is nothing worse then waking up one day and looking in the mirror with regret.

Our society pushes us and pushes us to become something that we may not really want to be. With every passing year we allow opportunities to drift by us because we think, “there's always tomorrow”. What if tomorrow never comes? Think deeply, are you willing to deny yourself the privilege of trying something that your Soul has craved to endure because you are content living in the safety net of routine? Give permission for your Soul to fulfill its quest.

We have programmed ourselves to live on automatic pilot becoming unaware of everything around us. Taking for granted the simple things in life… from the beauty of flowers, to a sunrise, sunset or simply enjoying the laughter of a small child. Let's start 2017 by observing and give your full attention to those around you. Watch how your relationships improve when you become more present. When you observe what surrounds you, you will see what once was a dream, will turn into an opportunity and will finally develop into reality. Your life is meant to be lived to the fullest. It is time to raise the ante! Stop the craziness, the chaos and start living to enjoy, to appreciate all that is around you. I promise, what you experience will heighten your Soul, bringing abundance in all areas of your life.

When you are open to receive, you are showing God (Divine Source) that you are ready to answer the knocks on the door and by doing that you are elevating your Soul’s vibration. When we are conscious of our surroundings and give gratitude to all that is, we actually change the vibration of the Earth. Imagine how we can transform our world with positive thoughts and fulfilling your goals. You can bring it to a whole other level when you add understanding, a layer of love and sprinkle in some forgivingness. What a difference this NEW year can bring with just conscious decisions.

God (Divine Source) wants us to obtain the ability to reach beyond the scope of ourselves. Remove the blockages that inhibit you from moving forward and begin to shine your Light to everyone around you. Let this NEW year, be a year for YOU! This journey is yours… Claim it! Let no one stand in your way. Having awareness will help you get back on track when you sway away. It’s full steam ahead! God (Divine Source) is so generous that each year He gives you a clean slate. So, what are you waiting for?! Go for it!


Writting for and published by LI's ACES MAGAZINE 



Nov. 12, 2016

Understanding...To be understanding is not simply comprehending what another person is saying. It is being sympathetic and aware of other people's feelings. It incorporates tolerance and forgiveness not just for others but for self as well. You may find yourself saying, "I understand", in conversations. But do you? Or are you just moving the conversation along? Do you fully engage yourself when listening to another? It is easy to yes to someone and nod your head... But to fully understand someone you must first be present in the moment.

Today's world of high technology has kept many in a sleep state. Observing more to what is on our cell phones, rather than who we are with at the present moment. Talking through text, messaging and emails all lead to isolation. Numbing us to actually feeling and experiencing true Soul to Soul connection. You can't acquire, a Soul connection through a text. There is nothing more important than the actual voice or touch of another. The human interaction is something that our Souls came here to learn.

A baby is comforted in hearing his mother's heart beat and her voice. When a baby cries and feels a loving touch, it stops crying. Why? Because it's real and the baby recognizes the mother's Soul. As we get so involved in everyday life, we forget that there are actual people on the other end of the screen. It is easy to hide behind it rather then engage in conversation with a live person. Miscommunication occurs and hurt builds up that ultimately leads to bad knee jerk reactions, ending many beautiful relationships. Is it really worth it? Technology is good to some extent but not for the sake of losing people you love. There needs to be balance. Our Soul craves the Human touch... a Human voice!

Soul's need to feel other Souls. We are all connected, each of us linked together, when we begin to detach from one another the compassion and love is lost, desensitizing situations and then isolating not just ourselves but those around us. We are Souls living this Human experience. In order for the world to keep evolving, change must occur. Technology will always advance, however, we must remember that we can not grow Spiritually if we are not true to our feelings. How else will you reach your True Authentic self?

We are here to remember where we came from. We need to reconnect to our origin. The way of feeling, expressing who we are, touching other Souls are all ways back to our true home. Interaction with each other is our Soul's awareness of a Higher source. The empathy that is given to others is an understanding of who we are as Souls. Balance is key to move along with technology but keeping the physical and more soulful connection will bring you to another level of existence.

Understanding is living without judgement towards others. Looking past the human body straight into their Soul. Seeing the beauty of their essence. Looking beyond their mask and truly capturing what their Soul desires at that moment. It is a way to connect on a deeper level and recognize the Soul that is in front of you. By interacting with other Souls, we learn and grow from that experience.

Make each existence in your life precious and allow your Soul to have an amazing Human experience. Do not deny yourself the gift of the Human touch.


 Written for and published by LI's ACES MAGAZINE .